In a global market where extensive assets are qualitatively and quantitatively complex, wealth planning operations are essential for the Client who wants to organize and target his own assets as he prefers according to one, simple concept: the performance of the solution followed by tax optimization, most of the time. Putting together a “puzzle” made of legal instruments, legal and fiscal tips and advanced advices allows us to process and implement tailor-made strategies for each Client and his needs. Financial, real estate, corporate and pleasure assets are organized in a consistent and synergic way and linked by one only fil rouge. Once the planning is set up, the planning itself is constantly monitored in order to ensure its placement on the efficiency line, according to any changes encountered within the legislative context.


Still today, in Italy, just a tiny portion of the population drafts up a will. A legal instrument such as the will, even if it is a simple and easy-to-use one, is of great importance within the management of every generational transition, at least in order to avoid future litigations between heirs. This is particularly true for HNWI, for whom drafting up a will is surely an obligatory step, albeit completely inadequate to reach the efficiency line: complex situations require special attention and composite solutions.


The business community is a world of its own that needs to be maintained and protected in the best possible way. Italian legal system provides us with a set of legal and fiscal bits, well-known and less-known, which enable us to assist the entrepreneur within his wealth planning and especially to protect what he holds most dear: his business. Support in launching a new business, generational transfers, business crisis prevention and management, national and international range of action, support within the management of family and business sensitive situations – often closely related to each other – are just some of the services we can provide the entrepreneur with. Indeed, our mission is to ensure our Clients a global support within what we hold most dear: a relationship based on trust.


A trust is a legal instrument derived from common law systems and it is today the main legal remedy within wealth planning and assets protection operations. Its structure, its versatility and its intrinsic qualities enable us to fulfill different needs, from generational transitions to people protection, from business crisis management to pursuit of philanthropic purposes and so on. Furthermore, trusts are precious because they ensure confidentiality of the operations and an extremely wide margin for tailor-made products.


Artistic assets are a particular type of assets that High Net Worth Individuals really appreciate. Definitely strategic for a diversification of investments planning, people like art and art makes people make money. Surely, it requires specific attention: we are glad to offer advisory related to the purchase of works of art, to the protection of the artistic assets and to art taxation – both national and international ones.


In a world that makes efforts in order to be sustainable, HNWI take action by investing heavily in philanthropic issues. Particularly, forgetting for one minute the traditional philanthropy, today the point is a new type of philanthropy named “strategic philanthropy”. It is characterized by the implementation of instruments in order to set up an efficient, distinctive and result-oriented philanthropic strategy. The idea was extended and has evolved into new concepts as the “venture philanthropy” and the “social impact investing”: basically, this is about generating both social impact and financial returns by investing in new solutions promoted by social business. Usually, the idea of doing good is appreciated, so this is a valid subject to examine in depth for the Client.


Diversification is essential in order to generate efficiency, and that is why we elaborate and suggest strategical planning according to predilections and inclinations of each Client. Indeed, we provide the Client with a tailor-made product. Besides the diversification of investments, today is essential to pay attention to the diversification of the related instruments too: this is the reason why we provide the Client with Venture Capital & Private Equity advisory, with the help of professionals who operate in these markets. Furthermore, today has a great importance also the world of Crowdfunding and the enormous potential that this instrument has within itself, both as a method of investment and as a method of financing.


Wealth planning operations are necessarily synergic activities by different professionals. In order to set the teamwork, we cooperate with specific professionals, according to the needs of the Client, and in the same way we are available for bankers, notaries, tax advisors, trust companies, other consultants and so on, for whom we are committed to providing advisory on wealth planning and strategic consulting issues, whether they need single advice or they need a constant cooperation in the relationship with the Client.


Wealth Planning Boutique strongly believes in the key role that training and constant updating have in the world of wealth planning. For this reason we work together with other professionals (firms, private banking, etc.) in order to set up training events, discussion and updating meetings, case-study lessons. All these moments are about wealth planning and wealth management issues, the legal instruments we can rely on, the changes in the legal and fiscal system, the relationship with the Client and anything else is helpful for professionals to get knowledge and awareness about this new type of advisory: the integrated wealth advisory.


Wealth Planning Boutique is an active member of the society. We often organize events dedicated to existing and potential Clients, in order to entertain them in different ways: with Aperitif Events set up in culturally and aesthetically significant locations or Nights in Art Galleries, with Fashion Events or themed parties where pleasure assets & luxury are the undisputed protagonists. Moreover, we are honored to participate as guests and frequently as speakers in the Client Events set up by the professionals we use to work with.

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